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Since I have lived in Rubigen (in a particularly exposed place) I`ve lived almost in an exposition hall. This has lead more and more people to be interested in my way of treating horses and to want to know about the advantage of the affable handling and the dignity I apply on the animals.
As a fact, by the time, this need has become more and more real. It`s about the manual which wasn`t to enhance the handling with this noble creatures, to wake up the consciousness for this animal and to help many horse friends to improve their knowledge, because of the love for them.

In this booklet I avoided complex formulations consciously to pass on the sense of handling with horses in an understandable way. I hope that my message will go down with the readers.

Something to start on thinking:

  • The horse as an animal offers us more than only possibilities of riding. It can be just a compagnon for leisure, too.
  • Our egoism and arrogance to take posession of a friend (a horse) obliges us and requires much loyality.
  • Although horses are anatomically suitable for mountig resp. For a saddle, God didn’t create them for being a riding machine. But in our society the word “horse” is connected inevitably with “lop”.

Insight into the book:

Some themes and citations of the booklet:

Especially horses which are healthy in body and mind are curious and need continuous and intense occupation. Held in prison (in boxes) and alone, they will dammage the infrastructure because of boredom. Having nor tooth nor teeth, our friends nibble and scrab with their hooves during the whole time. Horses with an healthy mind want a satisfaction of their curiosity! These curious horses are the ones we fastly put in even stronger (lion) cages in order to avoid more dammages. In this prison they have even less occupation and therefore more stress. These bright horses need a lot of free space and run.

Held in solitary confinement it is probable that the horse developps some bad psychic troubles. In order to keep the horse’s psyche healthy it is essential tha it can watch, touch and care for other horses. As in other species,relations and hierarchy establish themselves in community. Getting ill over a long time a lonely horse can show more and more bad behaviour. Often i nibbles or paws.

Dealing correctliy everybody can become a horsewhisperer!

Our egoism and arrogance to take posession of a friend (a horse) obliges us and requires much loyality.
Hans Schmutz

The observation of a herd in a situation wich is close to a natural one tells us a lot about the “horse language” and it has to be the first step for beginners to learn this language in order to understand a horse.
Civilised people forget to respect the nature necause of sports, money, greed  and prosperity.
Hans Schmutz
Luckily, awareness and respect become more and more important concerning the handling with horses. The elite troop, the “caviarists”, the poodle owners, and those who walk their fur coats, become fewer and fewer. The conciousness for a just animal treating is inclining. People already abstain to watch bullfights or to eat “ill” goose liver paté from overfeeded gooses. Often people remplace goose liver paté with foie d’oie wich is more healthy and from animals raised fairly.
Thank you!
The fact of tearing a horse out of its organized herd is a source of stress for the animal. It will react pawing, neighing and swetting. It will look out for its herd because of its indisputable herd instinct.

Comparison of space (cage)

This dog (Pastisse) has as much as space as a horse in its box. We accept and bestow this little of space to a horse!
Often it are people who reproach circuses and zoos with their kidnapping of animals out of their natural environment who are doing excactly the same with their horses.
(Here you see a horse which is held in a too small box)


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